Urban furniture maintenance 

Regular collection of waste bins including waste disposal. Washing separating and soundproof walls, made of concrete and/or glass, using pressurized water.

Cleaning street gullies, removing coarse dirt from traps, and thorough washing. Sweeping and washing of public areas, public transport platforms, passenger shelters and parking lots using pressurized water. If necessary, we perform disinfection of the site using gentle but effective agents.

Cleaning and maintenance of benches, regular cleaning of advertising areas, including graffiti, marker sign and sticker removal. We provide all these services at regular intervals and according to the client’s wishes and requirements, and also, for example, after cultural and other similar events.

If necessary, we will ensure immediate flexible cleaning of the site.


Na Vrchách 585
252 66  Libčice nad Vltavou
Praha – západ

Business premises Prague

Radotínská 1429
153 00  Praha 5 – Radotín
(entrance from Přeštínská street)


Phone: +420 246 024 960
E-mail: info@mirasro.eu

Real estate management
Phone: +420 228 222 535
E-mail: sprava@mirasro.eu


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