Washing and maintenance of outdoor areas


We can clean your paving and other outdoor areas made of various materials, such as concrete tiles, of stains, moss and lichen, as well as chewing gums and other contamination, gently but efficiently with pressurized water or mechanically. Machine cleaning can be implemented in many ways and is highly efficient and at the same time friendly to the base material. Implementation methods are always tailored to the environment and client’s requirements. A combination of machine and mechanical cleaning provides an ideal method to keep areas clean and in good condition. We also provide maintenance of pathways and surfaces made of pebbles or other materials. Removing unwanted vegetation such as growing-in grass.

Summer and winter pavement maintenance

Providing regular sweeping and removal of coarse impurities, washing with pressurized water including removal of gums, removal of unwanted growing-through vegetation, removal of moss and fungi.

In the winter we offer pavement maintenance. Sweeping and clearing of snow or ice. In case of icy conditions, we provide gritting with all sorts of materials and their delivery. We advise on the appropriate type of grit. In the winter we provide a so-called standby mode in which we effectively respond to the current situation.


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