Containers, moving and clearing works


Waste removal by delivered containers throughout the capital city of Prague and its surroundings. We transport waste from buildings, warehouses and households. We provide disposal of black dumps. We have 4.4m³ and 10m³ containers available.

We offer fast and efficient clearing, moving, clearing of estate, land and cellars, including packaging material. We will place a container, take it to a landfill, a collection yard or a designated place. After clearing, we offer the option of complete cleaning.

Our company is authorised to handle hazardous waste.


Na Vrchách 585
252 66  Libčice nad Vltavou
Praha – západ

Business premises Prague

Radotínská 1429
153 00  Praha 5 – Radotín
(entrance from Přeštínská street)


Phone: +420 246 024 960

Real estate management
Phone: +420 228 222 535


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