Cleaning facades and removal of graffiti


We clean the facade of dust, soot, smog, algae, mould and other dirt. On house facades there is often pollution of biological origin – mosses, algae, lichens, or of atmospheric origin – dust from exhalations. To remove these impurities, we use appropriate and high-quality products. In case the client so request, we also perform subsequent surface treatment with nano-coatings which afterwards need not be maintained and cleaned so often. Surfaces after impregnation better resist harmful effects of biological pollution (it provides protection against moss and efflorescence formation) and of atmospheric origin. Reduced water penetration into the structure improves its insulation properties, thus preventing energy losses.

Removal of graffiti, marker signs, sprays, posters and stickers from various surfaces and also the application of anti-graffiti coatings, after which we also provide after-sales service.

What is an anti-graffiti coating? Removing graffiti from facade paints and structured plasters may cause damage to them (by graffiti or cleaning). The anti-graffiti coating creates a protective film on the surface that prevents this damage and graffiti can be removed easily from it, even multiple times.

Our employees have more than 20 years’ experience in both graffiti removal, protective coatings and washing of facades, and in the cleaning of protected monument buildings that need highly sensitive but effective care.  We will provide you comprehensive services according to your individual requirements. We have platforms for working at height or use climbers for work.


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