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Cleaning and technical Services

- Pressure cleaning facades, portals, awnings, kiosks, shelters, etc.

To clean a façade of dust, soot, smog, algae, mold and other contaminants. At home facades, pollution of biological origin is often found - mosses, algae, lichens; Or atmospheric origin - dust from exhalation. We use appropriate and high-quality products to remove these impurities. At client's request, we also perform after-treatment of Nano Coatings, which may then not be so often maintained and cleaned. Surfaces after impregnation are more resistant to the harmful effects of biological contamination (creating protection against moss and efflorescence) and atmospheric origin. Reduced water penetration into the structure improves its insulation properties, thus preventing energy losses.

Our employees have more than 18 years of experience in their field of graffiti removal, protective coatings and washing of facades, as well as cleaning protected monuments that require very sensitive but effective care.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will make a free quote free of charge.


- Shoe paving

Effectively yet gently cleaned with pressurized water your pavement from stains, mosses and lichens, as well as chewing gum and other contaminants.


- Cleaning and washing technical areas, garages, etc.


- Industrial cleaning (floors workshops, hangars etc.)


- Shoe street inlets


- Washing partition walls


- Lawn, removing old vegetation and grass cutting


- Summer and winter maintenance of sidewalks


- Balance dustbins


- Other cleaning work